Aurora allows for cloud configuration use

In this case the system is deployed on our servers and we perform all the necessary work on integration with your systems and adjustments customized for you directly in this environment. After that your users start operating the system via the Internet. Therefore you do www free loans fast com not have to think of the problems related to the infrastructure, increment specialists, backup, solution disaster tolerance, etc.

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Disadvantages of traditional EMDS implementation projects

  • Planning and implementation takes many months
  • Capital investments in the system are needed (licenses, hardware, project)
  • Inefficient dredit capacity utilization
  • Difficulties with external organizations integration (clients, manufacturers, partners)


Document flow in the cloud




  • Pilot solution launch takes a few hours
  • No need in equipment purchase
  • No need in licensing fee
  • The system maintenance is handled by the specialists of the data processing center
  • System increment in a cloud is cheaper than traditional development
  • The project can be financed from the operating budget thus mitigating risks

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We are ready to discuss with you all the traditional obstructions in implementation of a cloud solution in your organization. We are happy to provide detailed answers to such money lender online questions as:

  • Organization’s document security
  • Integration with loans in other corporate systems
  • System payday loan quick rework for customer’s processes
  • High prices of cloud solutions
  • Who owns the data and the application

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