Aurora provides with an opportunity to select modules and functions specifically needed for your organization. Herewith there is an opportunity for staged deployment and implementation of the modules. This strategy allows for incremental but fast growth of the organization’s ECM matureness.

Below we offer the subsetting of solutions that can be built on Aurora basis. Each title is a link to a more detailed presentation which can be downloaded.



The construction loans bad credit system provides for arranging two types of storage: documents online storage and fully-featured electronic archive of the organization. In the course of processing the documents are placed for online storage in a business unit in accordance with the file register. Upon expiration of the storage period indicated in the file register the file clerks and storage managers review the files and either destroy them or forward to the organization archive.


The system conducts business processes related to processing of the personal micro loans incoming documents. These are all the documents received from legal entities or individuals. By default the incoming documents processing includes the following stages: document acceptance, its recording, consideration by the manager, and forwarding for execution. The system allows for editing the incoming documents’ paths.


Business processes and functions connected with the alliance and leicester loans documents sent to the outside world on behalf of the organization. The documents are generated by someone inside the organization, undergo several process stages and are sent to other legal entities or individuals. By default the outgoing documents processing includes the following: document coordination and signing by the manager, registration and dispatch.

Statutes and regulations

Statutes and regulations are usually important for various regulating (including holding structures) and are intended for coordinated development of regulatory documentation. Such documents include: laws, instructions, acts, etc. A personal loans online no credit check common feature of these documents is their coordination by several authorities and using common registration number for dispatch.

Background information documents

Background information documents belong to internal documents. These are various information sheet and notices that can be of interest for certain employees or business units, but not necessarily undergo the end-to-end cycle typical of other documents (e.g. the document execution can be omitted).

Organizational and administrative documents

Organizational and administrative documents belong to internal documents and allow for immediate formation of various guidelines. These can include the following: corporate by-laws, instructions, memos, and orders. Features: these documents can be either open to general use or have a special path.


HR record management module is intended for HR specialists. The system includes the following functionality: creation of organizational positions, hire of labor, employment termination, personnel document records processing (leaves, business trips, etc,), keeping business unit service tickets, leave schedules keeping.

Counterparties and contracts

Counterparty is a recipient category in the recipients directory; it is used for the contract documents tie-in. The counterparty manager can look through all the information about the party relations in a convenient format, as well as initiate new deals and bind documents (draft contract, contract, outgoing document).

Search and logs

Aurora has a unique and convenient document search system according to any values. Amongst the opportunities text cash offered by our solution are the following: smart text search, search by date intervals, by document types, by life cycle status, by roles, and by recipients. The retrieval system allows to almost omit filtered table representation of documentary lists; however in order to facilitate the transfer to search engines we have preserved e-versions of all classical documents control registers and offer various methods of document categorization when accessing the archive.