Display stand

In order for you to review the basic functionality of one of our vertical solutions we have deployed a permanent showcase. You can where to get a loan fast enter the organizational and executive documentation system which will let you review the basic functionality of the document processing according to the Russian document flow practices.

Please cash register desk note that the showcase presents only one of solutions and it was not our aim to introduce the platform basic functionality to you.



Scenarios for system review:

Enter the system



Several directories are created proactively at the showcase; they will let you start operating the system as quickly as possible. We introduce an assumed organization Aurora Ltd with several employees in several divisions. In order to get detailed scenarios of the showcase operation, please use this link and review the detailed steps.

We are ready to arrange a more thorough presentation and demonstrations if you are interested in the following issues:

  • Visual editors of forms and business processes bill consolidation loans bad credit Activiti and jBPM
  • Functionality and specific features of common clients Alfresco Explorer and Alfresco Share
  • Process approach to application development on base clients
  • Standard platform modules integratability with our vertical solutions
  • Supportability of collaborative work and creation of knowledge payday loans online direct lender no credit check data bases in Web 2.0 ideology