Why become our partner?

If you face a necessity to supply a document flow system with minimal license costs to your client, your services and solutions will let you form the proposal for your client within the shortest possible time:

    • We will assist you in getting onto the licensing details
    • If necessary our specialists can join the inception phase
    • We can also undertake support of your team throughout the entire project
In case you are involved in managerial or financial consulting we can assist you with regard to the engineering support of your operation. We can supply the short term loans for students uk showcase with our base solution and extend it with new business processes according to your descriptions. In this case you can immediately conduct testing and business plays with real-life users.

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Advantages of working with us

Regardless of your role within the project – integrator, intermediator or adviser – we can always find and adequate cooperation pattern and help you to launch the pilot project at your client’s site hours.


For integrators

We can join your team’s work and assist in the part of the document management specificity and technical infrastructure for Alfresco:

  • Extension of the offered systems line
  • Preparation of the draft project loans in for the document management system infrastructure
  • Coordination of requirements to the document management system with the enterprise IT architecture
  • Full cycle of the system development and implementation together with your team
  • Feasibility study cash iphone and employment of partner solutions

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For advisers

We can work together with equity loan interest rates your analysts and advisors to provide the projects technical support in terms of business processes automation:

  • Additional competitive strength – you can demonstrate your work results in a real system and not on paper
  • We will assist you in preparation of proposals for customers
  • We can promptly adjust business processes on the base of our system and demonstrate them to the end customer
  • You get an opportunity to extend you proposition in the part of the project maintenance and support

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