Aurora is the first Russian solution on an open-source platform

As is well known, implementation of most of the EDMS solutions available in the Russian market requires firstly the decision on the chosen system based on demonstrations and sellers’ descriptions, then the license payment, then selection of the service provider, and beginning of work on upgrading and finishing. And only after that the client can view the first screens and functionality.

As opposed to this approach our solutions are available for operation immediately in the base configuration and let launch the pilot project tomorrow. We mainly earn on supply of customized solutions and system maintenance, i.e. on professional service for the system analysis and system adjustment, as well as on implementation of additional functionality and the system backup throughout the entire life cycle.


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Instant access to the showcase

We are ready to offer our customers the access to the showcase with the platform base configuration which is specifically prepared for the customer within a few hours. Since Alfresco platform supports the cloud operation opportunity we can allot an individual showcase for you where the directories, organizational set-up and file register are already prepared. Thus your employees will be able to start the test run immediately at the selection stage, and this will loan calculator personal loan not require any cash investments from you.



We can use either of two methods while working for you: partnership operation and using the resources of our specialists.

Partnership operation

Work with our best loan available partners allows launching the project using the labor of the local specialists who work in a partner company which is familiar to you; later they will provide maintenance and support. Here are some features of such approach:

  • We train the specialists of a local company
  • You can have one service provider for all integration systems
  • We will enforce our partner’s team by our specialists if necessary
  • Performance and loans for people with ccjs documents audit check
  • Unique proposition in terms of price-functionality
  • Opportunities for the solution cloud deployment

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Work with us

Direct work with us allows launching the project within the shortest possible time and avoiding risks related to the project start and role allocations. Some of the features are as follows:

  • Our specialists have comprehensive knowledge of the system and are ready to teach your employees directly
  • We can execute projects that require substantial rework of existing functionality
  • We can develop cheap secured loans integration solutions effectively
  • If you are satisfied with the existing solutions we can just advise and teach your employees

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